Friday, February 10, 2017

Beach Pajamas & Palazzo Pants of the 1930s: These legs out of a dress!

I stare at this images, and I think comfort. This is the perfect beach wear! 

Autochrome Photograph at Resort Juan-les-Pins 

In 1933  the "Divine Sloppiness" of the beach of Lido Pajamas became irresistible and the Riviera Resort Juan-les-Pins was christened " Pajamapolis". 
The wearer of these pajamas apparently, and not entirely surprisingly caused a sensation in Palm Beach. The large floral patterns, tasseled cords, & unusual shoes contributed to the startling effect of the pajama outfit.
Love the reaction that the couple had! 


1930's Fashion History 
- Depression hits na hem lines drop.
- French designer Madeleine Vionnet created her women's wear with the shapes, drapery and perfect forms of the classical statues. 

That's all!
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