Wednesday, November 30, 2016

At the Movies : Brooklyn

Brooklyn a novel made into a box office hit film, is eye candy for all Vintage aficionados. Young Irish immigrant Eilis Lace arrives to Brooklyn in the 1950's to better her life.  Her home sickens stops her from adjusting to her new life in america, but that pain diminishes  as a young Italian man sweeps her of her feet into the charm of love.  She must choose between Ireland and America, and the lives that she left in each of them.  
     If you read the book, You'll love it! Watch the film. yo'll adore it, I adored it!!!!! 

Fashion of the 50's: 
   After WW II  Women become more feminine. The workforce for Women in the war effort and the need to wear "masculine " clothing diminished. The 1950's Modern silhouette includes Gamine a more slim boyish shape or the Hourglass. Smaller waist, accentuated bust and wider hips became popular. The corset that was left behind in 1919, had a popular comeback in the 50's. The Swing Dress and full skirts are the staple in woman's fashion. 
      In Brooklyn we can see the transition that Eilis has in her clothing from a simple, modest, small town wardrobe to a more vibrant, feminine city look! Her wardrobe includes both Gamine & Hourglass garments.  

Saying her goodbyes! 

When they meet

Beach Day! 

Her day job at a woman's store. I want to go back in time and shop there!!!!! 
Her Wedding Day. This is a great example of Gamine silhouette. 
The modern girl in her small town. This is a great example of Hourglass silhouette. 

being wooed by another man. 

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That's all! 
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